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  • MIRAI 3D

Trauma model: Acetabulum fracture

Traumatology Department

Hospital Naval Almirante Nef - Viña del Mar, Chile


Increased understanding of the anatomy

Design of the surgical plan

Improved interaction between the doctors involved

Improved post-operative patient care

Clinical case

A 69-year-old woman with a recently placed hip implant suffers a trauma that causes a fracture of the acetabulum due to the hip implant.

3D anatomical model

Technology: FDM

Material: PLA

Resolución: 0.2 mm

Finish: Two colors

Surgical plan and results in operating room

The 3D model allowed a better understanding of the fracture lines and the relationship between the implant and the acetabulum.

The surgical plan involved reconstruction of the acetabular fossa, for which the 3D model was used to decide which reconstruction technique would be used and to advise on the type of replacement that needed to be performed.

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