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Radical thymectomy with 3D virtual surgical planning

Dr. Hugo Darío Guamán

Hospital Vozandes - Quito, Ecuador


Increased understanding of the physiological and pathological anatomy of the patient.

Relevant role in decision making in surgical planning

Anticipate critical situations

Clinical case

A 67-year-old woman presented to the doctor with oppressive anterior chest pain and dyspnoea on medium exertion. The patient had no respiratory or cardiovascular symptoms.

A CT scan revealed a tumour mass measuring 12x10 cm in the anterior mediastinum with no involvement of vascular structures. The biopsy indicated that it was a thymoma.

Surgical plan and results in operating room

Dr Guamán had the patient's virtual anatomical model, which was used to complement the surgical planning and helped to decide on the type of viable approach.

The plan chosen consisted of a radical thymectomy by partial median sternotomy with right lateral thoracotomy extension (Inverted L-incision).

The three-dimensional model that replicated the intraoperative findings allowed the surgical team to implement a strategy to approach the tumour and make the necessary incisions for its removal while avoiding injury to the nearby vasculature.

Correlation of 3D biomodel on CT scan and surgical specimen
"3D reconstruction allows for proper planning of the surgical approach with evaluation of critical steps to avoid accidents during surgery", Dr Guamán concluded.

Would you like to know more about other applications in the thorax?: "Thorax surgery - Bochdalek diaphragmatic hernia". At Clinica La Luz in Peru, Dr. Carlos Fernandez Crisosto used a 3D model to favour the compression of the case and optimise the surgical strategy.

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