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Neurosurgery: Virtual 3D planning for spine tumour

Dr. Jorge Rasmussen & Guillermo Estefan

Hospital Español de Mendoza - Mendoza, Argentina


Clarify tumour margins

Defining the surgical approach

Reduce operating times

Guiding the surgical approach in the operating room

Clinical case

In this clinical case, a 76-year-old female patient with an intrathecal tumour in the dorsal area of the spine was treated.

Surgical plan and results in operating room

The tumour was invading an important part of the spinal cord cross-section and the tomographic images were not so clear, so the use of 3D models to plan the surgery was important.

A dorsal laminectomy with posterior opening of the spinal column was chosen for tumour resection.

The digital 3D models made it possible to understand the tumour relationships and the precise approach, resulting in an effective and safe surgery that lasted less time (3 hours).

The 3D technology "allows us to improve the accuracy of preoperative studies by obtaining high quality reconstructions," says Dr Rasmussen.


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