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Liver tumour with 3D models: a GPS inside the operating theatre

Dr. Gustavo Nari

Hospital Tránsito Cáceres de Allende - Córdoba, Argentina


Superior knowledge versus CT imaging

Assists in defining the surgical plan

Reduction of surgery time

Reduced bleeding

Improved patient-physician interaction

Clinical case

A 61-year-old man with cirrhotic liver due to hepatitis C presented with abdominal pain in the right hypochondrium and weight loss.

Tomographic imaging revealed the existence of a tumour mass in the right lobe of the liver. To decide the extent of the liver resection, Dr. Nari requested the creation of 3D models of the patient.

3D anatomical model

FDM Technology

Material: PLA

Resolution: 0.2 mm

Finish: Multiple colors

Surgical plan and results in operating room

The surgical plan consisted of a liver bisegmentectomy of lobe 6 and 7.

With the physical and virtual 3D models, the surgical team was able to have a better anatomical knowledge and understanding of the relationships of the tumour with the environment. In this way, it was evident to recognise that the tumour was in direct relation to the vena cava and displaced the suprahepatic vein.

The physical 3D model was taken to the operating room to guide the surgical approach. There, Dr. Nari, on entering the abdominal cavity, easily recognised the vessels of the hepatic hilum in order to begin the approach to the tumour.

In this way, he used the suprahepatic vein, recognised in the 3D model, as a reference to reach the tumour.

Once the tumour was detected, it was resected together with the corresponding negative margins. The entire procedure resulted in a total surgery time of 220 minutes.

Once again, Dr. Nari relied on the use of 3D models to plan his complex surgeries: "It was very helpful in this case. It helped us to know the roadmap", says Dr. Nari.


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