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Head and Neck: Lower Jaw Reconstruction

CDA Odontology

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Design of the surgical plan

Practice of the operation

Moulding of the osteosynthesis plate

Specific positioning and adjustment of the fibula to the plate

Clinical case

A 56-year-old man with osteosarcoma of the lower jaw.

The patient underwent two surgeries, the first of which involved tumour resection and placement of a temporary plate. In the second, reconstruction of the mandible was performed. For this purpose, a biomodel was requested.

3D anatomical model

Technology: SLA

Material: Rigid resin

Resolution: 0.01 mm

Finish: Translucent

Surgical plan and results in operating room

To reconstruct the inferior maxilla, the fibula is used to be placed on a titanium osteosynthesis plate.

The 3D model was used for the pre-moulding of the definitive titanium plate prior to surgery and the appropriate positioning of the fibula on the plate, taking into account the patient's anatomy.

The model underwent a sterilisation process that did not alter its physico-chemical characteristics in order to bring it into the operating theatre and bring it into contact with the biological material.

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