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3D Urology: Biomodel-guided Nephrectomy and Lymphadenectomy

Dr. Vital Hevia Palacios

Hospital Universitario Quirónsalud Madrid & Hospital Ramón y Cajal - Madrid, España


Increased understanding of anatomy

Surgical plan development

Reduction of surgical times

Guidance in the surgical approach in the operating room

Clinical case

Middle-aged male patient, hypertensive, diagnosed by CT scan of right renal tumour cT3 N1 following an episode of haematuria.

Surgical plan and outcome in the operating room

The surgical plan chosen was a laparoscopic right radical nephrectomy associated with a laparoscopic extended retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy.

To develop the correct surgical plan and approach, Dr. Hevia relied on a multi-colour digital 3D model that included the kidney parenchyma, tumour, urinary tract, renal vascular pedicle and pathological adenopathies, as well as their relationship with the great vessels aorta and cava.

The virtual biomodel was also taken into the operating room to guide the surgical team in performing the approach. The correct use of the 3D model allowed for accurate and more agile surgical planning, faithfully representing the intraoperative view. This resulted in a total surgical time of 180 min.

"Excellent representation of the real anatomy, which simplifies and shortens the surgical planning". "Excellent experience with this model", says Dr. Hevia on the use of the biomodel.


You may be interested in: "3D Uro-Oncology: How to plan laparoscopic partial nephrectomies". A case of Dr Richards, at CEMIC, where using 3D models in a patient with a renal cortical tumour, he was able to perform a successful surgery in 90 min.

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