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3D in Congenital Heart Disease: Double Outlet Right Ventricle

Dr. Pedro Becker Rencoret

Hospital Clínico UC Christus - Santiago de Chile, Chile


Increased understanding of anatomy

Design of the surgical plan

Improved interaction between the physician and the patient's family

Improved interaction between the physicians involved

Clinical case

Approximately 3-month-old infant with double outlet right ventricular, a Congenital Heart Disease.

In addition to the anomalous outflow and interventricular connection, the patient has a right pulmonary artery stenosis.

3D anatomical model

Technology: FDM

Material: PLA

Resolution: 0.2 mm

Finish: One color

Surgical plan and results in operating room

In order to understand the complex anatomy of the heart and to plan the procedure to be performed, the heart was segmented and 3 models were printed with different views of the model. A first model corresponds to the visualisation of the blood pool; a second model, with a septal view of the endocardial surface and finally, the third model, which corresponds to a basal view of the endocardial surface. The views showed the anatomy of the interventricular septum and its discontinuity, the outflow and inflow tracts of the ventricles, especially the anomalous outflow.

The 3D model made it possible to easily assess the relationship of the interventricular connection to the conal septum and to the ventriculo-infundibular fold.

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