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Discover the projects we are developing to protect healthcare workers and fight against COVID-19 all over the world.

Face shields

Together with Rotary Club and Fundación Barceló, also TRIDEO 3D, CaroCuore, BANDEX, Cotnyl y ENEL, we 3D printed 1000 face shields for public and private hospitals.

We also provided banks, food, textile and energy companies.

Aerosol boxes

We worked together with Uruguay Diseños SRL to replicate "Aerosol Box" project and avoid aerosolization during intubation and extubation procedures.

We delivered 14 units to different healthcare institutions.

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Hands-free door openers

We redesigned and manufactured hands-free door openers to avoid COVID-19 spreading inside healthcare institutions. 

We have donated 20 kits to different hospitals.

(*) Courtesy of Materialise.

Diagnosis test's swabs

Based on Formlabs and University of South Florida research, we have 3D printed swabs for COVID-19 tests.

So far, these units have only been used as prototypes. We have the operational capacity to manufacture 3000 units per week.

(*) Courtesy of Formlabs.

In addition to these proposals, MIRAI 3D continues to design, develop and manufacture 3D biomodels for surgical planning and simulation from 3D printed medical images of individual patients.

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