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Advanced Surgical Planning

Biomodels for complex surgery

3D Surgical Planning Model Virtual
3D Surgical Planning Model

Anatomical models for planning cancer, pediatric and cardiovascular surgeries

Obtain a physical model to analyze and rehearse surgical procedures prior to surgery

Why use 3D printing in medicine?

  • Facilitates understanding and interaction with the patient

  • Increase the success rate of surgeries

  • Significantly reduces surgical time

  • Prevents errors in decision making

  • Generate savings for the institution

  • Improve accuracy and reduce bleeding

  • Increases the safety of surgery

What is your specialty? Find out how to apply it

Cirugía General Laparóscópica Subcutánea

How to implement it in your institution?

Cirugía de tórax - Hospital Fiorito
Riñón en herradura - UMIBA
Neurocirugía - Alexander Fleming
Tumor de páncreas - Fundación Garrahan
Nefrectomía parcial - Hospital Alemán
Cirugía cardiopulmonar - Fundación Favaloro


“Three-dimensional kidney models have proven to be extremely helpful in my daily practice. These models have allowed me to have a complete three-dimensional knowledge preoperatively, in turn facilitating safe surgery. "

Gonzalo Vitagliano cirujano

Dr. Gonzalo Vitagliano

Hospital Alemán

MN 102007

“Having 3D printing and images for surgery is essential. It allows us to have a much more accurate idea of reality, in real size, than what we are going to find later in the operating room. The biomodels facilitate the understanding of the case, allowing us to make decisions much earlier. "

Alejandro Bertolotti

Dr. Alejandro Bertolotti

Fundación Favaloro

MN 89399

“The 3D model allows defining far beyond the images, the anatomy of the injury in particular, providing details that the images may not discriminate. This translates into greater safety for the surgeon which, in turn, translates to patient safety. "

Dr Horacio Questa

Dr. Horacio Questa

Fundación Garrahan

MN 13967

Alejandro Bertolotti Favaloro Cirugía Tó

Each patient is unique

Plan and train the case before entering the operating room
Perform surgery tailored to the patient

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