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Surgical 3D Planning

Advanced Surgical Planning

Patient-specific 3D models for oncological, pediatric, and cardiovascular surgeries


MIRAI 3D is a biomedical engineering startup that develops innovative health solutions, by using disruptive technologies such as 3D printing, virtual reality, and advanced materials.

We develop ultra-realistic simulators for non-invasive surgery, endoscopy, and plastic surgery.

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Vascular anastomosis & AORTIC COARCTATION

Remote hands-on training with 3D models for cardiovascular surgeons and residents.

The exact anatomy of the patient in your hands

Modelo Impresion 3D
  • Increase security

  • Optimize surgical strategy

  • Improve decision making

  • Clarifies the relationship between tumors and vascular structures

  • Lets explain the procedure to the patient

  • Reduces surgical time

  • Avoid mistakes and unforeseen

Successful cases

Urology      Thorax      Cardiovascular    HPB     Neurosurgery   MCS

How is the proccess?

In less than 72 hours we convert the CT or MRI study into a 3D model that accurately replicates the unique anatomy of each patient

Etapas Segmentacion Impresion 3D.png

1. Sending DICOM images through our web platform

2. Segmentation and modeling by our engineers

3. Digital visualization + 3D printing and delivery

Navegación 3D con tecnología touchless para

Cirugía Robótica

Simulacion Hands On Alta Fidelidad.jpg


For clinics and hospitals

A tailored solution for health institutions that wish to implement 3D technology in a comprehensive and cost-efficient way

Clients & Partners

Procesamiento 3D Imagenes DICOM

Medical Image Processing



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Europe & Asia | Guipúscoa 185, Torre 2 Piso 2 Oficina 1, 08020, Barcelona, España



Cirugía robótica

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